Ford F-150 Suspension Lift Kits for Adventure, Performance, and a great look!

Posted by Halo Lifts on 5/31/2018
Have you been thinking about lifting your truck? If you do any research on the Internet about adding a suspension lift to your Ford F-150, you'll find plenty of discussion, and of course dozens of options for lift kit products.

One of the major reasons to lift your Ford truck is to increase performance. A little extra height from your suspension lift will give you additional clearance for off-road or overland trips.

You may want to add larger tires and/or aftermarket wheels as well. Usually when you go more than 1 or 2 sizes over stock you'll need some type of suspension modification in order for everything to fit. "What size tire fits with a 2" lift" and "How much lift to run 35" tires" are two of the most common questions anyone asks when looking for a lift kit.

So, in order to determine which lift kit type you should look for, here are a few questions:

Why do you want to lift? 
Is it for performance, clearance, or so you can run larger wheels/tires?
Your answer to this question will help narrow down your search

Are lift kits safe, and will they require more maintenance?
Most modest suspension lifts, like the ones we produce here at Halo Lifts, are meant to enhance your Ford truck, so of course they are safe. Some of our options are fully rebuildable, which means that with a little bit of care, they can last as long as your vehicle.

Which is the right lift kit for me?
Halo Lifts provides plenty of options for your lift kit needs.

Our most popular option for Ford F-150 lift kits is our Mountain Package which is our complete system.

If you're interested in a more economical option, you should check out our HaloLifts Boss Ultimate Kit
This system replaces the stock Coilovers, rear blocks and shocks. You still use your stock Upper Control Arms (UCA).

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