Bakcou EBikes Mule Ultimate Heritage Package
Bakcou EBikes Mule Ultimate Heritage Package

Mule Ultimate Hunting Package

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The Bakcou Ebikes Mule Ultimate Hunting Package is for serious hunters that need a high performing machine that works with the rider to compliment the hunt and make you the most proficient hunter you can be by getting farther and faster, stealthy quiet and without leaving a scent trail. Shop Halo Lifts today for all of Bakcou EBike offerings!

Mule Ultimate Hunting Package

  • Mule, 1000 W, 14.5ah battery
  • Folding Deer Trailer
  • Dual-Use Pannier Bags
  • Waterproof Cargo Bag
  • 7pc Toolkit
  • Dual Use Pannier Bags
  • Mule Rain Cover
  • Fork Air Pump
  • Extra Fat-Tire Tube
  • Bakcou Tribe Hat
  • Bakcou T-shirt

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