HaloLifts ABC Billy Mountain Package 2009-2013

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Bilstein 5100 F150 Mountain Package - HABCMP0913 - HaloLifts

The Bilstein 5100 Mountain Package for Ford F150s model year 2009-2013 includes both front and rear OE style suspension, with rear coilovers. HaloLifts top mount, combined with threaded sleeve and 700lb spring provides the adjustability of 1-3 inches of lift. The monotube shock absorbers design includes a 46mm digressive piston with a self-adjusting deflective disc valve setting. This mountain-ready lift kit increases wheel clearance, improves handling, and decreases body roll. The HaloLifts ABC Billy Mountain Package is the easiest way to provide lift to your vehicle.

This kit comes with 2 sets of U-Bolts and 2 Rear Blocks available in 2.0”, 2.25”, 2.5”, or Raptor style 2 ¾” to 2 5/8” tapered.

This kit improves droop travel, tire wear, and drivability, as well as adjusting tire position in your wheel well with SPC’s adjustable front upper control arms. This kit features a greaseable ball joint and rubber isolated xAxis™ bushings, which allows the arm to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. The fully forged engineering provides strength and durability for the most extreme environments.

  • Get more droop travel: SPC’s arm has improved clearance to get around the spring bucket. With 80° of articulation in the upgraded ball joint and free pivoting cross axis bushings, SPC's arm gives you maximum droop travel. 

  • Get your drivability and tracking back: When you lift your truck you affect caster and camber. SPC’s arms have +1° of caster built into them. Using its patented ball joint design the arm will get you ±2° of caster and ±2° of camber, so you can put your alignment angles back to specification.

  • Get your tire where you want it in the wheel well: Use adjustment in the SPC arm and on the OE lower arm to maximize alignment angles and move oversized tires forward in the wheel well to minimize or avoid fender trimming.
  • Adjustment range: Camber ±2.0° 
    Caster ±2.0°


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